Service: It Means Something

March 9, 206

Meet our friends at CSEM Brasil. They are a private, non-profit organization for applied research that focuses on developing OPV (Organic Photovolatics). They’ve created a spinoff called SUNEW to look at the production and commercialization of this technology, and we’re proud to say that we play an important role in their research and development. We spoke with Luiza Correa, a scientist at CSEM, about their experience with Angstrom.

The SUNEW team showing off their production level 500mm modules

“We use polymers to convert solar energy into electric energy, and this has several advantages: it can be solution processed, is compatible with roll-to-roll technology, is cost effective, flexible and lightweight. We are very excited to deliver a clean and innovative energy product to our clients,” says Luiza.

“Angstrom plays a very important role in our research. The glovebox is where we keep all of our sensitive materials, and of course evaporation is essential in creating our small devices.  Materials evaluation and process optimization is done using the Angstrom evaporator.”

As with any mechanical instrument, issues can arise. The goal of the service team here at Angstrom is to keep downtime to an

absolute minimum, so when CSEM was having issues with the turbopump used on the Angstrom evaporator, the team went into action, did all the troubleshooting, shipping and import paperwork to make it as easy as possible for them, and got them back up and running.  “We were completely happy with the support!  Everyone I had the opportunity to communicate with at Angstrom was very kind and willing to help.  Angstrom did not charge us anything.”

We take service and support very seriously here at Angstrom and we do everything possible to make sure downtime is minimized.  Whether it’s extremely quick response times, or honoring a warranty that has expired.  We understand that genuine relationships with our customers are what turns them into partners and friends, and because we believe in the work they are doing, we want to continue the relationship.

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The full CSEM team showing off SUNEW’s new OPV film.

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