A story about gold

March 23, 2016

“We design and manufacture the very best equipment in the industry” – Everyone

The Angstrom Engineering Nexdep PVD Platform.

You’ve read countless messages like that on countless websites and advertisements.  While we certainly believe this to be true here at Angstrom Engineering, we realize it’s a little difficult to be objective on the matter.  We like the products we create, and want to make more.

We know we stand out from the crowd in many areas because we hear from our partners (aka customers) that we shine.  These are women and men who we work with to create what their research processes require, and our chief concern is

making sure they get what they need, not only with the initial delivery of their thin film equipment, but in the months and years that follow. Researchers and their equipment evolve over time.  New technologies emerge, and machines need to be flexible.

Marc Nadeau is the lab manager at the school of engineering at the University of British Columbia in Canada.  He supports the Nexdep deposition system they use in their lab, and had this to say: “The team at Angstrom Engineering have been really good to us over the years.  It is nice to see a company that backs up their products and continuously supports their customers long after the equipment is sold.”

He describes the process of introducing new materials into their processes: “Before we introduce a new sputtering target into the system, we always contact the Angstrom technical team for guidance and recommendations on the process parameters that need tweaking.  Angstrom has saved us countless hours of trial and error.”

Many of our partners often have gold sputter targets that have been spent but still have plenty of value in them.

We were recently able to reclaim the value of the gold in a spent target that Marc sent us, and provided credit for

The Nexdep PVD platform in the Applied Micro & Nanosystems Facility at University of British Columbia

further materials needs.  “The gold value reclamation exercise was a big time and money saver for us, the process was extremely painless and well worth it financially, we really appreciated having Angstrom provide that service for us.”

We’re proud to work with some of the keenest minds in the science world, and are happy that people like Marc Nadeau instill in us a confidence and assurance that we are indeed doing many things well.  Perhaps the best vote of confidence is when he says: “We would certainly not hesitate making another large equipment purchase from Angstrom Engineering again in the future.”

For more information on Marc Nadeau and the UBC Nanofabrication facility, click here.

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