Automation: Overview

You can get more done when you can load your recipe, press ‘go’, and leave the system to do all the work.

Contemporary research in electronics has grown more advanced and complex as we delve into size regimes that have not been explored before. Precise and repeatable systems become increasingly important the smaller the electronics get. Using automated control systems for such research equipment is necessary to achieve a high degree of repeatability, control, and precision. Automating certain tasks has the added benefit of cutting down on operating costs, which is another primary requirement for any research facility.

Angstrom Engineering’s integrated vacuum deposition systems are specifically engineered to meet customer’s research and process requirements. These systems can be customized to any degree to meet the user’s application needs using the ideal components as well as precise process development. At Angstrom Engineering, we equip your deposition tools with Aeres®, an advanced control software that allows the user to access all process functions of the system through an interactive and intuitive interface.

Aeres® provides a brain to the system, and it controls many powerful automation tools, like managing multiple samples and masks simultaneously, making sure your sources are kept full of material, and even deploying sophisticated algorithms to manage extremely precise rate control. When employed in a thin film deposition evaporator or sputter tool, these powerful advantages can give you an edge, and focus your (and your team’s) attention and energy towards progressing your goals.

Automation can make your life easier.

But would it help on your system? Let’s discuss it to determine the best plan so you can move forward with your work.

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