Quantum Series

Angstrom has engineered a series of platforms that provide quantum computing hardware pioneers a means to reliably and confidently create superconducting circuits in a highly repeatable and automated framework. 

Next Generation Qubit Fabrication

Using physical vapor deposition, ion processing, gas flow management, precise substrate fixturing, and a pure vacuum environment, every variable of Josephson junction fabrication can be finely tuned to your process requirements. 


  • Deposit high quality superconducting electrodes

Whatever your choice of superconductor, Angstrom’s process sources are uniquely tuned for the task. Our multi-pocket electron beam (e-beam) sources have a proven track record for fabricating aluminum-based junctions. Our partners have successfully and consistently utilized our sputter process framework in order to create films of superconducting niobium. All aspects of deposition source management are simply controlled through Aeres, our advanced process control software.

  • Grow Uniform Tunnel Junctions

The Quantum Series employs a number of features ensure repeatable growth of pure, uniform oxide layers. We can accommodate static oxidation, dynamic oxidation, as well as plasma and UV/ozone oxidation. We employ a robust gas purification system, real time oxide growth monitoring, and direct optical wafer temperature monitoring allowing oxides that are customizable, repeatable, and reliable. 

  • Precise Shadow Evaporation

With more than 50 tilting stages for shadow evaporation deployed on systems all around the world, Angstrom has refined our design to to create an extremely repeatable, versatile, and robust fixture. A number of process enhancement are available including substrate heating, cooling, and biasing. 

Variable angle stages allow for very powerful thin film techniques. However, one of its biggest challenges is reproducability. The substrate is often set at a very oblique angle in relation to the source, and the films are very sensitive to the precision of this angle. If it’s off by even half a degree, it will affect the morphology of these nanostructures considerably. Angstrom went to great lengths to refine the tolerances of the tilt angle, improving it from a variation of up to a full degree on non-Angstrom systems I’ve used, to less than 0.1 degree. Those wonderfully narrow tolerances allow us to repeatedly create very precise nanostructures. I can say wholeheartedly, the product and service Angstrom Engineering delivered has been amazing.

Dr. Steven Jim – University of California Irvine

  • Repeatable, controlled fabrication

  • Control station PC manages each control variable on Quantum Series, including deposition sources, ion sources, power output, angular positioning, and oxidation processes.
  • Simple to use yet highly advanced integrated software platform
  • PC/PLC controlled recipes for single, batch, or automated processes
  • Advanced data logging and process tracking ensure consistent and repeatable processes
  • Feedback from optical monitor, ellipsometer, or QCM automatically tracked and recorded
  • Complex recipes can be created and modified easily
  • Automatic PID control loop tuning significantly reduces process development time

  • 3D Transmon Qubit


The Josephson junctions our partners have fabricated measure up to established qubit benchmarks. These qubits were fabricated using Quantum Series equipment and were independently characterized by the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) at the University of Waterloo, Ontario Canada.

The Angstrom system has revolutionized our work-flow. We are much more confident in our processing, and can push true scientific boundaries without worrying about the possibility that some technical detail will throw the experiment off. Angstrom Engineering has been wonderful to work with. The instrument and customer service are by far the best. Aeres process control software provides among the best control I’ve ever worked with. Learning to use the software was intuitive and straightforward. It was immediately easy to produce the desired deposition in a highly reproducible way.

Dr. Matthew White – University of Vermont

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