Roll Coating

Roll-to-roll processing is essential to realizing the true production potential of research and development surrounding thin film deposition. Whether deposition takes place directly onto a flexible web – or onto rigid substrates being carried by a flexible web – roll-to-roll coating brings small scale processes to production volumes in a minimalist footprint.

Researchers at both academic institutions and in private enterprise tend to view roll to roll as a technique that they should consider only once their devices are ready to be scaled, but it has immense value at an early stage. Through working with our partners, we have learned that many of the core aspects of a deposition process need to be optimized specifically for roll-to-roll coating during initial development, since attempting to adapt the process can present very difficult challenges.

Consider integrating a roll to roll deposition fixture to any new thin film deposition system. It provides a competitive, early advantage to your work in the most compact and economical footprint available. We have experience with a wide arrange of approaches to roll coating. Specialized stages can be designed, and we can even integrate roll-to-roll into a system that is also capable of a more traditional substrate stage fixture.

Out of all the systems I have used, yours is by far the most reliable, consistent and easy to use.

Dr. Marc Baldo – MIT

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