DC Sputtering

Magnetron sputtering using DC power is an effective and economical choice for depositing conductive materials such as metals or transparent conductive oxides (TCOs). For magnetic materials such as Fe (iron), Ni (nickel), or Co (cobalt), DC magnetrons can be configured with magnets specifically selected for generating plasma within a strong magnetic field.


Deposition of non-conductive materials, however, requires a different power delivery system. Radio frequency (RF) power can be used for sputter deposition of insulating target materials, and pulsed DC power can be used for reactive sputter deposition of insulating materials from a conductive metal target.

DC magnetron sputtering is available in a variety of source configurations and is compatible with many of Angstrom’s process control capabilities and advanced fixturing options.

Aeres®, Angstrom’s advanced process control software, has been specifically configured with features and capabilities unique to high-performance DC magnetron sputter deposition. Click here to learn more.

For a background overview of magnetron sputter deposition or to explore other sputtering topics, follow the links below.

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