Linear Magnetron Sputtering

Linear magnetron sputter systems are designed both for thin films of semiconductors or metals on large area panels as well as for production throughput requiring a high rate of deposition on a quantity of samples. The strategy is most commonly used in display, photovoltaic, and semiconductor applications. In-line sputtering is particularly useful for depositing large areas of transparent conductive oxides (TCOs).

Impressive Rates

The large sputter source area along with minimal throw distance between source and substrate create the conditions required for both dramatically higher deposition rates compared to standard fixed-stage sputter systems, as well as excellent material utilization. 

Sputtering over large areas or high quantities comes with engineering challenges. Gas flow and plasma management, magnetron uniformity, raster uniformity, and temperature control have all been tackled, and our partners are seeing impressive output from their Angstrom Engineering linear sputter systems.

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The Angstrom system has revolutionized our work-flow. We are much more confident in our processing, and can push true scientific boundaries without worrying about the possibility that some technical detail will throw the experiment off. Angstrom Engineering has been wonderful to work with. The instrument and customer service are by far the best. Aeres process control software provides among the best control I’ve ever worked with. Learning to use the software was intuitive and straightforward. It was immediately easy to produce the desired deposition in a highly reproducible way.

Dr. Matthew White - University of Vermont

In Line Sputter

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This video demonstrates a fully automated linear magnetron sputter cluster system.

This video demonstrates the raster of a standalone linear sputter system.