RF Sputtering

Sputter deposition of insulating materials cannot be done with DC power. Materials such as oxides, nitrides, and ceramics have very large DC impedance and require prohibitively high voltages to ignite and maintain a plasma. Luckily, the impedance of these materials changes with the frequency of the applied power. Using power delivered at radio frequencies (RF) – typically at 13.56 MHz – and an automatic impedance matching network, the total impedance of the circuit can be regulated to 50 Ω which is suitable for plasma ignition in typical sputtering environments.

Insulating materials can also be deposited by reactive sputter deposition of metallic targets. Click here for more information.

RF magnetron sputtering is available in a variety of source configurations and compatible with many of Angstrom’s process control capabilities and advanced fixturing options.

Aeres®, Angstrom’s advanced process control software, has been specifically configured with features and capabilities unique to high performance RF magnetron sputter deposition. Click here to learn more about Aeres®.

For a background overview of magnetron sputter deposition, or further information on other magnetron sputtering techniques, click the links below.

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Tony Novembre – Associate Director of PRISM – Princeton University

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