Linear Sputter PVD System

This series of Linear Sputter PVD systems allows for high throughput production on large substrates, can be seamlessly integrated into larger clusters of production tools, and provides impressive uniformity.

Using the Linear Sputter PVD system from Angstrom Engineering allows you to process thin films of semiconductors or metals on large area panels in display, photovoltaic, and semiconductor applications. We designed these systems to address the challenges researchers face when sputtering over large areas or quantities of substrates. From gas flow and plasma management to magnetron uniformity and temperature control, Angstrom’s Linear Sputter PVD systems let you revolutionize your workflow and see higher throughput production than previously possible.

Linear sputter Physical vapor deposition pvd evaporator platform
Linear sputter Physical vapor deposition pvd evaporator platform
Linear sputter Physical vapor deposition pvd evaporator platform

Create devices on very large substrates, stacking multiple layers in a single run with great uniformity. Even though the targets are larger than usual, the material is very efficiently utilized.

The tool to bring your product to market

Rectangular sputter cathode with argon plasma

  • Aeres® Advanced Process Control Software

Screenshot of Aeres, a software platform that supports Angstrom Engineering's Physical vapor deposition systems
  • Simple to use yet highly advanced integrated software platform
  • PC/PLC controlled recipes for single, batch, or automated processes
  • Advanced data logging and process tracking ensure consistent and repeatable processes
  • High resolution control provides impressive low rate stability and consistent doping ratios
  • Central control station manages each module and schedules the processes in each chamber
  • Independent control of multiple chambers (when applicable in cluster or connected configurations)
  • Complex recipes can be created and modified easily
  • Automatic PID control loop tuning significantly reduces process development time

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