Substrate Heating & Cooling

Whether heating a substrate during oxide sputtering to ensure the correct crystal structure and stoichiometry, or cooling a deposited organic film to protect from process radiation, the ability to accurately and precisely manage substrate temperature is critical for the performance of a deposition system. At Angstrom, we carefully design the appropriate hardware, electronics, and control software to provide robust and high performance temperature management.

Our heating and cooling stages employ precise temperature measurement techniques that do not interfere with film growth, plasma, and/or substrate transfer. These techniques have proven accurate and reliable, allowing our partners confident control of this process variable.

We regularly create temperature controlled substrate stages that can achieve between -150°C and 1000°C.

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This instrument is a workhorse for a number of research groups in Tulane’s School of Science and Engineering.
Please keep up the great work in providing support quickly, professionally, and with strong technical know-how. I’m glad to work with Angstrom.

Dr. Matthew Escarra  – Tulane University