Electron Beam Source Configuration

Electron beam deposition is available in a variety of source and pocket configurations. The choice of chamber geometry, fixturing, number of sources, and pocket configuration strongly depend on the deposition processes and application for which the system has been specified.

For many applications, including lift-off processing, a single e-beam source can be located at the center of the chamber baseplate with the substrates located symmetrically about the material deposition flux at 90 degree angles of incidence. For applications which require co-deposition or specific material isolation, multiple e-beam sources can be located in the same chamber.

Single pocket e-beam configurations are excellent for dedicated processes, preventing any potential for cross-contamination from neighbouring pockets. Using a multi-pocket e-beam carousel allows for many materials to be sequentially deposited from the same source location without having to break vacuum. The size and spacing of the pockets will strongly depend on the typical coating thicknesses and the requirement to minimize cross-contamination between pockets.

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