Thin Film Transistors

Chances are, you are viewing this on a display that uses thin film transistor technology. The thin film transistors (TFTs) used in flat panel displays are produced by depositing a dielectric layer and semiconductor layer over non-conducting, glass substrates.  Thin film transistors have dominated the display market for a decade. The individual pixels often cannot be seen with the naked eye as millions of these pixels come together to give you a picture on your screen. You can think of thin-film transistors as an on/off switch for the individual pixels on your flat panel display.

Thin film transistors are used in many display technologies

Thin Film Transistors: Materials and Method

Thin film transistors can be produced with several different types of semiconductor materials including silicon, cadmium selenide or zinc oxide. Recent innovations have allowed engineers to experiment with organic materials to create TFTs. Thin film transistors that are made using organic materials are known as organic transistors or organic TFTs. Transparent electrodes are also used in the production of video display panels, the best example of which is Indium Tin Oxide (ITO), which is commonly used on Angstrom Engineering equipment.

Physical vapor deposition is used for the manufacturing of thin film transistors, typically due to the need for low temperatures and a highly clean atmosphere for fabrication.  Sputtering is the common method for deposition in TFT’s.  Angstrom Engineering has worked with many researchers and developers who needed the right tool for their work.  We were able to partner with them to overcome any technical problems they were encountering and create a system that helped them achieve a breakthrough.

To learn more about Thin Film Transistors, watch our partner and customer, Michael Chainyc, talk about them in more detail here:

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