Optical Monitoring & Control

An integrated package that can be put to use with many of our PVD platforms, it makes optical monitoring and controlling a seamless process.

From recipe creation, to the final production of the film, this package provides complete and simple control of your optical films.  30 witness discs are stored in an automatic chip changer for constant data feedback, and you can confirm your films with a PC controlled monochromator that can generate 350-2500 nanometer wavelengths.

A powerful tool that unifies all aspects of optical monitoring and deposition control

Chip changer in the Apex optical control package

Every component necessary for optical perfection

  • System and software work in concert with The Essential Macleod software bundle
  • End Hall Ion source
  • Transmittance mode optical receiver with chip changer
  • Optical transmitter with monochromator
  • Reflectance mode optical receiver
  • Hollow cathode electron source
  • All source and stage options
Ion source in pvd physical vapor deposition thin film vacuum system

  • Aeres Advanced Process Control Software

Screenshot of Aeres, a software platform that supports Angstrom Engineering's Physical vapor deposition systems
  • Simple to use yet highly advanced integrated software platform
  • PC/PLC controlled recipes for single, batch, or automated processes
  • Advanced data logging and process tracking ensure consistent and repeatable processes
  • High resolution control provides impressive low rate stability and consistent doping ratios
  • Central control station manages each module and schedules the processes in each chamber
  • Independent control of multiple chambers (when applicable in cluster or connected configurations)
  • Complex recipes can be created and modified easily
  • Automatic PID control loop tuning significantly reduces process development time

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