With 25 years of experience helping our partners achieve their process requirements, we created Aeres®, a software platform that solves many known limits in thin film deposition technology.  When Aeres® is partnered with one of our PVD platforms, you have an intelligent tool that will save you a lot of time, effort, and resources.

Powerful enough for the most advanced user and complex recipes.  Simple enough for every user in the lab

  • Layer Transition Efficiency

  • Total device time is dramatically reduced due to Aeres® ability to manage tasks in parallel
  • Parallel task management is the automatic and simultaneous control of background processing, including source preparation, mask and sample transfer, power and temperature ramping, and stage preparation
  • Our partners report a 45% reduction in transition times, and a 30% improvement in overall device fabrication time, as seen below

  • Recipe Control

Every aspect of your process; One Unified Recipe

  • Pre-deposition - wafer prep, source ramp-up, and stabilization
  • Layer control - thickness, rate, shuttering, and source idling
  • Stage control - heating, cooling, rotation, angle, and biasing
  • Gas and pressure - pressure stability and precise gas delivery
  • Automation - press start and leave the system to perform all aspects of process runs, with precise repeatability
  • Create processes as simple or as complex as desired
  • Use the loaded templates to use, or build custom sequences from scratch
  • Build recipes from a remote PC, then seamlessly transfer recipe over to the deposition system PC for use
  • Aeres® can run entirely autonomously, or you can build manual control into recipes if desired
  • The unified data management system collects and logs all pertinent process information

  • Advanced Deposition Control

  • Aeres® allows our partners to achieve impressive low rate stability
  • User adjustable PID detection algorithm (auto-tuning)
  • No need to manually tune PID values or spend time doing simulation runs
  • Significantly reduces process development time

Above: Actual stability while depositing a common OLED material (Alq3) at 0.02 Angstroms per second

Aeres® enhances your Equipment

All its features come standard

  • Built on .NET infrastructure and is SECS/GEM ready
  • Once recipe is sent to PLC, safety interlocks, vacuum operation, film growth, and wafer manipulation are all executed by the controller, regardless of whether PC is connected or running
  • Runs on a Windows® PC, and is touch-screen compatible
  • Complete and thoroughly tested safety and interlock system
  • The unified data management system collects and logs all pertinent process information
  • Single terminal can control multiple chambers, each with unique recipes
  • Full process, training and troubleshooting support from the Angstrom Engineering team

Discover More...

Aeres® takes care of some very sophisticated automation capabilities. Click the links below to find out more.

Automation OverviewMask HandlingLoad LocksCluster IntegrationSubstrate Transfer

Please get in touch and we can personally go over its features with you via a live demo.

When we work together, amazing things can happen. Your brilliant ideas with our innovative team will create the tool that will bring your research or production to the next level. We are looking forward to hearing from you:

Show me Aeres!

The level of service and connectivity to their customers, answering your emails any time of day, and helping you trouble shoot from afar is above and beyond what I had ever seen before. That interaction is what has made me a die-hard customer from here on out.

Dr. Casey Smith - Texas State University