From the time it was delivered, this laboratory system has performed nearly flawlessly, arguably extending our capabilities well beyond those currently attainable by any organic thin film laboratory in the world. I attribute the success of this entire system to the excellence of the engineering as well as the cooperative nature of the Angstrom team in taking our best designs and making them better during the system construction process.

Dr. Stephen Forrest – University of Michigan

Stephen Forrest testimonial for Angstrom Engineering

The two deposition systems we purchased from Angstrom Engineering (EvoVac and NexDep) are being heavily used in our 300-user clean room lab in various research projects and applications. The systems are ‘workhorses’, highly reliable and user friendly.

Working with Angstrom Engineering has been a pleasure to me and my staff and we are very happy we chose to purchase our deposition systems from your company.

Dr. Nava Ariel-Sternberg – Director of Columbia Nano Initiative Facilities – Columbia University 

Dr. Ina Martin

The EvoVac design is terrific and the glovebox port is easy to work with.  Last year, it was used 2269 hours, averaging over 6 hours a day every day of the year.  It is the single most used piece of equipment at our facility, and essential to numerous research projects.  As such, it is critical that downtime is minimized.  The support Angstrom Engineering provides for service issues is exceptional, and unparalleled.  My job would be significantly easier if I received the customer support Angstrom offers for the other instruments in our facility.

Dr. Ina Martin – Case Western Reserve University

Dr. Ina Martin

Angstrom Engineering has helped us first by working directly with us to provide the system we needed, and secondly, they help us devise excellent deposition processes. They were a great partner in solving problems as they arose. Furthermore, Angstrom has been willing to work with us to provide vital upgrades, such as the plasma etching tool. Most importantly, the reliability of the system and the ease of operation have been crucial in producing reproducible devices and requiring only minimal training of visitors and new students to use the tool.

Dr. Ken Burch – Boston College

Dr. Ina Martin

The Angstrom system has revolutionized our work-flow. We are much more confident in our processing, and can push true scientific boundaries without worrying about the possibility that some technical detail will throw the experiment off. Angstrom Engineering has been wonderful to work with. The instrument and customer service are by far the best. Aeres process control software provides among the best control I’ve ever worked with. Learning to use the software was intuitive and straightforward. It was immediately easy to produce the desired deposition in a highly reproducible way.

Dr. Matthew White – University of Vermont

Dr. Sean Shaheen

Go with Angstrom!  It’s an easy choice.  They have quality equipment, they have good people, and they have really great follow through; they won’t sell you a system and then forget about you.  It’s a solid, good product, and great company to work with.

Dr. Trisha Andrew  – UMass Amherst

Dr. Trisha Andrew

We have had an Amod thermal evaporator from Angstrom Engineering for almost 13 years. The system has two Luxel RADAK sources for organic materials deposition and two thermal resistive sources for metal deposition. This system has been the main workhorse in our group. We use the system for several projects including organic light emitting diodes, field effect transistors, organic solar cells, and charge transport in organic semiconducting materials. We have several labs with over $3,000,000.00 of equipment from 30+ vendors and Angstrom Engineering has the best customer service. I like the fact that they are willing to work with customers to meet their needs. The system is very easy to use. I have two second year undergraduates using the system after working in our lab for less than a year.

Dr. Quyen Nguyen  – University of California Santa Barbara

Dr. Quyen Nguyen

The system provided by Angstrom Engineering is a game changer. We can deposit thin films of various organic molecules effortlessly. Having used other systems in the past, the interface on the Angstrom system is by far the most straightforward and easy to use. My students love using the system. In addition, customer service is top notch. When we experience any problems, technicians at Angstrom Engineering are able to remotely troubleshoot our system as well as solve our problems quickly. I have emailed and called on Fridays at 5PM to receive great service and support. Without a doubt a company that cares about their clients.

Dr. Benoit Lessard  – University of Ottawa

Dr. Quyen Nguyen

Photo: davidtaylorphotostudio.com

The level of service and connectivity to their customers, answering your emails any time of day, and helping you trouble shoot from afar is above and beyond what I had ever seen before.  That interaction is what has made me a die-hard customer from here on out.

Dr. Casey Smith – Texas State University

Dr. Casey Smith

At DuPont Displays, OLED displays are being fabricated for a variety of potential applications. Although solution processed displays is the goal, a variety of evaporated OLEDs have also been researched for comparison and controls. The Angstrom Engineering EvoVac evaporator with multiple sources has been invaluable in this regard. Very good film uniformity and rate control can be achieved. Co-deposition from 2 or 3 sources is possible, and the system design is conducive to low compositional variability within the film and from run to run. In-situ mask changes are possible, allowing for multilayer patterned coatings without a vacuum break. The integration of different vapor deposition techniques into one chamber has been especially useful for research.

Dr. Shiva Prakash – DuPont Displays

Dr. Shiva Prakash

We are exceptionally pleased with the two systems we bought from Angstrom and, based on our experience and what I hear from the community, we have made precisely the best decision.

Dr. Luke Brzozowski – University of Toronto

Dr. Luke Brzozowski

Out of all the systems I have used, yours is by far the most reliable, consistent and easy to use.

Dr. Marc Baldo – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dr. Marc Baldo

Our Angstrom system has substantially increased the reproducibility of our organic photovoltaic device fabrication process and overall provides us with a flexible and robust system for the development of new devices.

Dr. Sean Shaheen – University of Colorado at Boulder

Dr. Sean Shaheen

I have worked closely with Angstrom Engineering on the purchase and installation of three separate deposition/glovebox systems.
I can honestly say that my dealings with Angstrom Engineering have been extremely positive and I would have no hesitation in recommending them as a supplier. The quality of their equipment is outstanding. The design and purchase process was extremely smooth, installation was extremely thorough and included very detailed training and lastly, but certainly not least, their after-sales service has been exceptional. This final point is particularly noteworthy given that we are in Australia and they are in Canada. The distance has not been a problem as their responses have always been very swift and they have gone out of their way to assist us in both using and modifying the equipment.
Having had the opportunity to purchase and use their equipment in various labs I can confirm that their excellent reputation is thoroughly deserved.

Dr. Scott Watkins – CSIRO – Melbourne, Australia

Dr. Scott Watkins

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