Go to any electronics trade show or conference, and you will hear a lot of talk about organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays.  For several decades, researchers have known that certain organic materials had electroluminescent properties, but only in the past 10 years or so, has the technology reached a point that it could outperform (or out-sell) current display technologies.  Consumers are starting to key into some of the benefits that OLED displays offer, and material scientists are overcoming the drawbacks of the technology with their research.

Curved OLED displays are created using physical vapor deposition pvd
A multi-chamber cluster system that utilizied physical vapor for thin film deposition to rapidly develop OLED technology.

Today, our partners are using our deposition systems to research OLED technology and develop the products that will go to market and revolutionize the industry.  We have worked with several customers to develop tools that will suit the research they are doing.  Our engineers were able to overcome the technical and theoretical barriers our partners were facing and provide them with tools with which they can now move forward.

Angstrom Systems currently utilized in OLED development

Our customers use our tools both in OLED device development as well as OLED blue oledmaterials development.  We’ve partnered with researchers and companies, addressing their specific engineering requirements, to create tools that can deposit every material layer a device would need without breaking vacuum.  We also have customers who have used our tools to dream up the perfect material for every color spectrum.  The Forrest group out of University of Michigan uses our systems to do work across the board, from individual materials, to entire devices, and were recently able to achieve a breakthrough in the blue spectrum.

We’re proud to be a part of the cutting edge of this field and are very confident that we can provide any researcher or company looking to do work with OLED technology the very best system and service available while remaining competitive.

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