Ion Beam Sputter Deposition

Ion beam sputter deposition (IBSD) is a process widely used in the optical coating industry. Here, a broad energetic beam of ions is directed towards a target. Atoms from the target are sputtered and directed towards the substrate. Ion beam sputter deposition has several advantages over traditional magnetron sputtering. The plasma in IBSD is housed within the ion source, so the chamber pressure can be maintained at a much lower level. In general, this technique reduces the level of contamination in the film. Furthermore, the sample is not directly exposed to the ion beam, so less gas is incorporated into the film. The ion sources used in IBSD offer complete and independent control over ion flux and ion energy increasing repeatability. These advantages allow IBSD to create films that are dense, smooth, and adhere very well to substrates. In optical applications this translates to low scattering levels as well as significantly reduced adsorption.

Angstrom Engineering has designed and engineered a series of tools specifically for this process. Reticle®comes ready as a turn-key system engineered for your specific output requirements, capable of the most precise optical films. For more information, click below.

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