This PVD platform offers a balance between economy and versatility.  It can be outfitted with the most robust process enhancements without taking up all the room in your lab or your budget.

4 iterations of Nexdep, Angstrom Engineering's versatile workhorse physical vapor deposition evaporator.  It can be outfitted any number of ways depending on your process requirements.
2017 model of the Nexdep Physical vapor deposition pvd evaporator platform

With its 400mm x 400mm baseplate, your Nexdep can accomodate up to 8 sources and wide variety of PVD processes.  Your research goals, production demands, and/or application end-goals will inform how to outfit your Nexdep.  Let’s work together to design the system that will be perfectly suited to your requirements.

A Compact, economical, full featured PVD workhorse

Electron Beam ebeam e-beam source in a Physical vapor deposition pvd vacuum chamber evaporator
  • Connector.Connector.

    Deposition Source Options

RF, DC, pulsed DC, and HiPIMs
Circular, linear & cylindrical cathodes available
Thermal Evaporation 
Wide range of boats, filaments & crucible heaters
Auto-tuning ensures precise rate control
Electron Beam Evaporation 
Wide range of of source power and power supply options
Programmable sweep controller with recipe storage
Torque sensing crucible indexer detects pocket jams
Room for multiple e-beam sources in chamber
Plasma & Ion Beam Processing 
Range of ion sources for cleaning and film enhancements
Glow discharge plasma cleaning

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    Substrate Fixturing & Masking Options

Heated and Cooled Stages

Physical vapor deposition substrate stage with a heating bulb

Variable Angle Stages

A variable angle stage, sometimes called a glad, or glancing angle deposition stage, in an Angstrom Engineering physical vapor deposition PVD vacuum chamber.

Roll to Roll Processing

A roll to roll flexible substrate stage in an Angstrom Engineering physical vapor deposition PVD vacuum chamber.

Load Locks

A mask and substrate parking chamber on an Angstrom Engineering physical vapor deposition system.  These, along with load locks can be integrated into any of our systems.

Mask/Substrate Auto Transfer

This image shows a vacuum chamber with e-beam and resistive sources, showcasing that we can utilize automatic mask and substrate transfer on any of our physical vapor deposition pvd platforms

Planetary Motion

Planetary motion  stage in a physical vapor deposition pvd vacuum chamber

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    Aeres Advanced Process Control Software

Screenshot of Aeres, a software platform that supports Angstrom Engineering's Physical vapor deposition systems
  • Simple to use yet highly advanced integrated software platform
  • PC/PLC controlled recipes for single, batch, or automated processes
  • Advanced data logging and process tracking ensure consistent and repeatable processes
  • High resolution control provides impressive low rate stability and consistent doping ratios
  • Central control station manages each module and schedules the processes in each chamber
  • Independent control of multiple chambers (if applicable)
  • Complex recipes can be created and modified easily
  • Automatic PID control loop tuning significantly reduces process development time

Our Angstrom system has substantially increased the reproducibility of our organic photovoltaic device fabrication process and overall provides us with a flexible and robust system for the development of new devices.

Dr. Sean Shaheen – University of Colorado at Boulder

This video showcases one possible process enhancement that can be equipped on Nexdep (and many of our other PVD platforms). Roll to roll processing.

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