National Lab replaces two systems with one Angstrom Evaporator

May 30, 2018

Argonne National Lab’s center for accelerator target science is run by John Greene, who recently released a paper, collaborating with Angstrom test and process specialist Mina Labib, on his work creating targets utilizing the Angstrom Engineering Nexdep Evaporator.

You can find the paper by clicking here: 

New evaporator station for the center for accelerator target science

We were happy to catch up with John to discuss his work, and his experience with Angstrom Engineering:

“I still get excited when we are doing something ‘new’, something which has never been done before. We mainly fabricate thin isotopic metal foils for use as accelerator targets in low-energy nuclear physics research. I’ve had a number of vacuum evaporators over the years; new, used, home-built, etc. The Angstrom tool was custom designed to my specifications and actually replaced TWO former units.”

“Angstrom, from my perspective, has proven itself to putting the customer’s needs foremost; always helpful and quick to respond. Please continue innovating and never stop your excellent customer relationships.”

We asked John what he might say to someone considering acquiring a thin film deposition system: “This actually happened; a group doing research here at ANL needed a new system and they came to visit me and had a look at mine. They were impressed to the point of ordering their own custom tool as well!”

We’re proud to work with partners like John, and love helping these brilliant minds create incredible technologies.

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