EvoVac as Organic Evaporator

May 16, 2018

“It’s exciting that you can combine so many layers in organic semiconductors; you can often just go ahead and try things. Plus, you usually get some nice devices that emit light when creating OLEDs.” Says Angstrom partner Björn Lüssem. He’s an Assistant Professor of physics at Kent State University. He uses an Angstrom Engineering EvoVac evaporator to create organic devices.

“I had funding from my start-up to buy a vacuum deposition tool. Angstrom submitted a very organized and competitive proposal. In fact, I saved quite a bit compared to what budgeted for, which helped me get additional equipment that now helps me in my research.”

“I’m very satisfied (and was explicitly recommended Angstrom from other faculty in my field), in particular because of the good service and fast response of Angstrom staff.”

We’re proud to work with partners like Dr. Lüssem. He, along with other researchers and industrialists innovate, pulling future technologies into the present by utilizing the technology we work so hard to design and create. 

Please click here to learn more about Dr. Lussem’s research.

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