Ion Assisted Deposition

May 25, 2016

Our test and process team is putting one of our Nexdep PVD platforms through its paces to be ready for its final home in a Russian lab.  The E-beam system is equipped with an Ion source (left photo) which will help the scientists pre-clean the substrate to remove any contaminants such as dust or adsorbed organics prior to deposition taking place.   Our partners find this process greatly improves the thin-films they produce, so it has become a popular inclusion in system chambers for particular research and production avenues.

The Ion source can also be used to perform an Ion Assisted deposition, in order to improve film densification and/or surface finish of the thin film, or as a means of removing material by etching the surface of the film.

Every tool needs the right components for the job it is performing. Ion Beam cleaning and assist are components that we find help many of our partners reach their goals, and we at Angstrom Engineering are very experienced in its implementation.

For more information on Ion sources, click here.

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