Angstrom in India: Bangalore

April 20, 2016

We have partners in every region of the world.  Scientists, engineers, and business people from dozens of countries look to Angstrom Engineering to supply the right tool, the right process, and the expertise to bring their projects forward.  Dr. Praveen Ramamurthy from the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, India is one such individual.  His group focuses on broad scope, interdisciplinary research of organic/polymer based devices, studying their fundamental properties for applications like photovoltaics, organic field-effect transistors, sensors and actuators.

Bangalore is a city of almost 9 million people and is known as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’

“We recently visited Dr. Ramamurthy at his lab, and talked with him about his experience with Angstrom.”

What gets you excited about your research?

“We get the opportunity to work on innovative new technologies.  The possibility that these lines of inquiry could have positive social impact is very exciting.”

What made you choose Angstrom Engineering for your deposition hardware?

“The systems Angstrom produce have the look and feel of very professional tools, more than anything else out there that I’ve seen.  Angstrom systems are also very customizable, which is very important in the research field.”

Based on your experience with Angstrom, what would you recommend we do to serve our partners?

You should never stop listening to your customers as you currently do because it establishes an important, and valuable relationship.  Also, the spectrum of products you offer is fantastic.

To Learn more about Dr. Ramamurthy, you can find his group site by clicking here.

For more on the system he uses in his lab, click here.

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