Roll to Roll for Organic Photovoltaics (OPV)

February 24, 2016

The University of Michigan is a powerhouse of innovation.  With one of the best nanofabrication facilities on the planet and the brainpower to match, a lot of extremely cool things are coming out of this institution, like this, and this.  We work with a number of partners at UM, one of which is Dr. Stephen Forrest, and his team, led by Byeongseop Song.

Not content to go down avenues of research without a very specific goal in mind, this team brings ideas forward with

commercial and production logistics thought out. Bringing an idea to its eventual ends, and doing your research with that in mind has so many advantages, which is why Dr. Forrest recently had us create an in-chamber roll to roll system.

Song explains their plans for the system: “We will be using the roll to roll system to fabricate organic photovoltaic (OPV) cells in our lab. We will connect separate organic vapor phase deposition chamber designed here to roll-to-roll machine to complete the system.  This system allows us to fabricate OPVs on a flexible substrate with fully automatic control.  After the fabrication, we can unload the sample through the glovebox and finish the encapsulation in N2 atmosphere for the final product. We are targeting to produce >8% power conversion efficiency on this technology, which is fairly high in OPV field.”

Conducting their research with the types of substrates, and in the same processes that the eventual scaled up production will

Byeongseop Song, a University of Michigan post-doctoral researcher, in front of one of the Angstrom tools in the lab.

require allows them to work the kinks out during the research and development phase, and prove their concept in a much more complete manner.

We are proud that we get to help bring these brilliant scientists’ ideas into the world in these ways, and are particularly proud when people like Byeongseop have things like this to say: “I cannot find other companies better than Angstrom for this type of thing.”

The in-chamber, roll to roll carrier in the system heading to University of Michigan.

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