We’re building Stéphane Kena-Cohen’s tool

January 20, 2016

This is Andy, and he is building a substrate stage for one of our PVD systems. He spends most of his time in this spot, building stages that will, once complete, be placed above, beside, or beneath a vacuum chamber, aiding in the process by which thin films are evaporated and deposited. Today, Andy is building a stage for our partner Stéphane Kena-Cohen at Polytechnique Montréal.

Stéphane is a researcher in optoelectronics. He told us today that with the tool, he will be “developing optoelectronic devices based on organic and hybrid organic-inorganic thin films such as OLEDS and solar cells. We will also be investigating new types of devices based on isolated organic molecules for quantum information and simulation.”

To fuel these research goals, Stéphane’s stage has liquid nitrogen cooling to -150°C, heating to 200°C, and is capable of transferring substrates and masks to/from an ancillary parking chamber.

“Angstrom has been great at understanding our needs during the design phase and in our past experience, has offered a quick turnaround time from when the order is placed to it being up and running without any glitches.”

Dr. Kena Cohen is getting an EvoVac. Click here to learn more about this PVD platform.

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