Thin film deposition includes a number of technologies associated with growing layers of materials on a substrate with thicknesses that can range from less than 1 nm to several microns. Our vacuum equipment is tailored by a team of engineers to meet each client’s needs and is capable of incorporating any (or all) of the following:

Sputter Deposition

The impact of high energy particles contained in a plasma eject atoms from the surface of a target material, which then condense on the surface of the substrate to create a thin film.

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Magnetron sputter sources with plasma ignited in a physical vapor deposition pvd vacuum chamber system

Electron Beam Evaporation

A filament emits a magnetically focused, high energy beam that is swept within a crucible of deposition material.

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An Electron Beam or e-beam (ebeam) source in a physical vapor deposition pvd system vacuum chamber

Resistive Thermal Evaporation

Electrical current is used to heat a filament, which in turn heats deposition material to the point of evaporation.

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Resistive thermal evaporation source with a thermal boat for physical vapor deposition

Optical Thin Film Control

Our optical control package can be integrated into our PVD platforms.

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Chip changer in a physical vapor deposition pvd optical thin film control chamber

Glove Box Integration

Allows PVD and non-PVD processes to be connected within a controlled environment.

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Controlled environment glovebox with inert gas

Variable Angle Stages

Deposit into the third dimension with this novel process enhancement.

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A variable angle stage sometimes called glad or glancing angle deposition in a pvd system

Ion Assisted Deposition

A broad beam ion source directs a dispersed ion beam with a range of ion energies toward the substrate, typically along with a sputter or electron beam source.

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Ion assisted deposition in a pvd physical vapor deposition chamber

Process Enhancement Technologies

So many different enhancements are available for your deposition platform.

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A roll to roll stage in a physical vapor deposition vacuum chamber system