Angstrom Engineering Turns 30

In 2017, Angstrom Engineering was turning 25 years old and had spent its tenure in the market honing and improving various aspects of nanofabrication, including harmonizing the various aspects of system hardware into cohesive, software-driven, automated platforms.

That year, we were presented with an opportunity to build a system for qubit fabrication, and the feature sets we had developed through other partnerships and applications made it a good fit for us.

Through development, collaboration with quantum experts, and onboarding of application-specific specialists, we were able to launch a series of platforms that provide quantum computing hardware pioneers with a means to reliably and confidently create superconducting circuits and their supporting hardware in a highly repeatable and automated framework: Quantum Series.

Quantum Series caught on in the superconducting and quantum community worldwide. This year is our 30th, and we have delivered dozens of Quantum Series platforms all over the globe, helping quantum information technology make a leap forward. We are in the final stages of completing one such platform for our partners at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab in California. It represents our first-ever radial, robotic cluster nanofabrication platform delivered to a US national lab manufactured specifically for creating quantum bits, and we’re immensely proud to have made it. It consists of several process chambers specializing in each aspect of qubit fabrication, several characterization modules to probe the structure and composition of the layers comprising the qubit, and is controlled within a fully automated robotic, in-situ framework that will allow for unprecedented development progress.

We celebrate our partner’s progress in this, our 30th year, and are proud to be a part of the future that they are creating not only in the field of quantum computing, but also in semiconductors, display, and renewable energy.


“Our focus as a business is on treating the customer properly from the first point of contact through the entire product life cycle. We operate by simply saying yes and being willing to do things for our customers, even unexpected things, and treat them the way we would want to be treated. When we do this, our partners can develop truly spectacular things.” Dave Pitts, President – Angstrom Engineering

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