Dual evaporator equipped with Aeres: performance review

March 13, 2018

Dr. Matthew White is an assistant professor in Physics and Materials Science at the University of Vermont. He and his group study the device physics of thin film electronics, getting to the bottom of how and why certain materials have the properties they do, establishing the bedrock for future breakthroughs. In later part of 2017, his dual Nexdep evaporator arrived, ushering in new capabilities, and a new phase of his research.

Dr. White’s dual Nexdep Angstrom system.

The system met the high standards of the Angstrom team. It would be an efficient and reliable workhorse for his research, but it also had the benefit of a significant new feature that Angstrom systems now come with: Aeres advanced process control software.

Dr. Matthew White

He quickly dove in to try it out:

“Though there are some unique details to discover, overall learning to use the software was intuitive and straightforward. It was immediately easy to create the desired depositions in a highly reproducible way. I have many undergraduates who regularly deposit films independently. They can generally pick up on over 90% of the functionality if by working through 2 or 3 depositions.”

Now that Dr. White and his team have had several months to work with the PVD system and can look on his experience in Aeres with the objectivity that only time can give, he has this to say: “Aeres provides among the best control I’ve ever worked with.”

When considering how the entire experience went, and how the functionality of his new thin film deposition compares to his instrumentation, he exclaimed:

Dr. Matthew White working with a colleague.

“The Angstrom system has revolutionized our work-flow. We are much more confident in our processing, and can push true scientific boundaries without worrying about the possibility that some technical detail will throw the experiment off. Angstrom Engineering has been wonderful to work with. The instrument and customer service is by far the best. Working with a customized, advanced deposition system, I do run into unique quirks or problems. Within 24 hours, someone from Angstrom will either adapt the software, send replacement parts, or walk me through the solution.”

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