Research Spotlight: Organic Solar using Sputter and Thermal Processes

August 17, 2016

Yuelin Peng is a PHD student in the chemistry department at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Her research focus is in novel organic electronics, including flexible and transparent solar cell arrays. We recently spoke with her about her research, and how she accomplishes it.
“When I was child I enjoyed making things, creating things with my hands. That created a desire in me to follow a career in science and engineering. Both of my parents are teachers and they encouraged me quite a bit.”

After doing her undergrad in China, then a masters in electrical engineering in the United States, she began her PHD with Trisha Andrew in the chemistry department at UW Madison. “Trisha inspires me in my research. Before I came into this department, I had very little knowledge in organic materials and organic devices. Trisha showed me how awesome this area is and I knew this is what I wanted to do. I can help create technology that could change the world.”

Peng uses a dual chamber Angstrom physical vapor deposition system to accomplish her research.  “I use sputter deposition to deposit the metal oxide materials to make the insulation layers of the bottom electrode of the device.  I use the thermal evaporator for the organic layers and the top electrode. The Angstrom Evaporator is awesome.  It is the essential equipment I use to create my photovoltaic devices.  I use the Angstrom system for every single layer.  The uniformity is great, and we can precisely control the thickness down to a single Angstrom.  The automation is excellent.

Sometimes we need to deposit over ten layers, and we don’t have to stand by the system all day; we can just program it and get work done in the office for the day, letting the system run.  Then we just go pick up the samples when they’re done.”

“I also really appreciate the help from your customer service team. I’m the first student in this lab, and the first person using the Angstrom system. At the beginning of my research, I had many questions about the deposition processes and system. They always replied very quickly, and with very detailed answers to my questions. The Angstrom team know this system extremely well, and were easily able to solve my problems.”

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