Thin Film Coating Services

Custom Thin Films for your projects

Our coatings group has a lot of experience utilizing Angstrom Engineering’s physical vapor deposition (PVD) technology to create the thin films you need.Whether you need to coat small objects, or create custom material coatings on slides or other substrates, we will work with you to get your project moving forward.

Typical substrate sizes are 2”, 3”, and 4” diameters, however custom sizes and shapes can also be accommodated. The best and easiest way forward is simply to get in touch with someone on our team, who will be happy to collaborate with you.

Please refer to the data below to see to what objects and materials we regularly work with.

Materials for Coatings: Ceramics and Dielectrics

Silicon dioxide, Aluminum dioxide, Titanium dioxide, Zerconium oxide, Tantalum oxide

Materials for Coatings: Metals

Gold, Silver, Chromium, Titanium, Nickel, Copper, Platinum, Palladium, Aluminum, Tungsten, Molybdenum, Manganese, Cobalt

Custom Substrates and Parts for Coating:

Fused silica, Precision glass optics, Molded glass elements, BK-7, Ultra thin wafers, high index glass, sheet glass, molded polymer optics, Acrylics, Polycarbonates, Styrene, CR-39, Polyesters, Photoresist, Temperature Sensitive Substrates, Fiber optic devices, Quartz, Mica, Cutting tools and components.

A few examples of our capabilities