Process Enhancement Technologies

Substrate Temperature Control

Improved grain boundary migration, post process annealing, and controlling surface reactions are just a sample of the applications for substrate temperature control. For your heating or cooling applications we have several standard options as well as the ability to customize a solution for your substrate and temperature range.

A heated stage in a physical vapor deposition pvd thin film vacuum chamber

Planetary Motion

Our planetary stage fixturing allows improved uniformity over a large number of substrates. Typically reserved for our Amod and EvoVac lines, planetary fixturing can substantially increase your system throughput.

Planetary motion stage in a physical vapor deposition pvd thin film vacuum chamber

Combinatorial Shutter

Our combinatorial wedge shutter systems provides controlled exposure of single or multiple rows and/or columns within a larger substrate area or within a substrate array. This addition to your stage fixture allows you to perform layer or dopant variations within a single process batch making it an extremely valuable materials & process development tool. Our customers also use this feature to create gradient and stepped film across the substrate. This capability can be added to many of our stage fixtures.

Combinatorial wedge shutter stage allows for dopant variations and gradient and stepped films across the substrate.  This all occurs using physical vapor deposition in a thin film vacuum chamber system.


If you are looking to control film density or improve adhesion, a bias may be the solution for your process. Angstrom Engineering can configure many of our stages to include a DC or RF bias.

An active stage utilizing RF biasing in a physical vapor deposition pvd thin film vacuum chamber system

Substrate Cleaning

In situ cleaning via ion beam or glow discharge ensures your substrate is prepared for deposition. For removal of native oxides or residual oils, consider adding a cleaning process to your system.

An Ion source helps clean and prepare substrate iad

Sean Shaheen colorado testimonial angstrom engineering

Our Angstrom system has substantially increased the reproducibility of our organic photovoltaic device fabrication process and overall provides us with a flexible and robust system for the development of new devices.

Dr. Sean Shaheen – University of Colorado at Boulder

Video: Uniformity Shield

Video: Spinning Substrate

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