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We want to make your life easier. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need process support, advice, or need immediate assistance at +1 519.841.4441 x7710
or fill out the form HERE, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours, guaranteed.

  • System Support

  • Your Angstrom Engineering system is backed by a dedicated service team that is committed to keeping downtime on your tool to an absolute minimum.
  • Contact us immediately should you encounter any problems with your machine. We are very familiar with these tools and will do all we can to keep it up and running
  • We are available for remote support, but can also send a technician if required
  • Materials

  • Reliable technical support for choosing the right materials for your processes
  • High purities, fast turnaround, very competitive pricing and global shipping
  • We will establish a special inventory for your specific materials needs so that downtime can be eliminated
  • We stock all common targets, pellets, and powders, and can create the alloy or target blend you require
  • Contact us by filling out the form below, or click here for more information on materials
  • Parts and Consumables

  • Keep downtime to a minimum by talking directly to us for troubleshooting
  • If parts are needed, we’ll get them to you fast, and can even send a technician if necessary
  • We supply all the consumables you will need, like thermal boats, e-beam crucibles, and sensor crystals
  • System Upgrades, Moves, and Maintenance

Deposition equipment is always evolving and improving. We can upgrade your system with any number of process enhancement tools, including improved substrate handling, automation capabilities, evaporative sources, or other hardware. Get in touch with us to discuss.

  • If you need to move your equipment to a new lab or building, get in touch with us to discuss best practices and necessary procedures. We can provide a good deal of support, including in-person technicians to assist the move.
  • Common maintenance procedures can be found here [link to Angstrom How To Video page], but we can also help as needed. Do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to assist you.

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