Quantum Series | Josephson Junction Fabrication

You’re creating the future of information technology. We’ll handle logistics.

Angstrom Engineering has worked with several prominent scientists and professionals who are making quantum computing a reality through the fabrication of reliable and repeatable Josephson Junctions. Get in touch with us and we can work together to create a system that will bring your work forward.

Our Quantum Series line of physical vapor deposition (PVD) equipment is tuned to the specialized task of creating Josephson Junctions, from utilizing an electron beam source to deposit aluminum, magnetron sputtering for niobium, to gas flow management while fabricating uniform tunnel junctions, along with precise shadow evaporation utilizing a tilting substrate. All is automatically handled throughout utilizing our propriety software platform, Aeres. The result is precisely repeatable Josephson Junctions.

Our team of experienced nanotechnologists, chemists, and physicists are ready to partner with you to help usher in the quantum age.

3D Transmon Qubit

The Angstrom system has revolutionized our work-flow. We are much more confident in our processing, and can push true scientific boundaries without worrying about the possibility that some technical detail will throw the experiment off. Angstrom Engineering has been wonderful to work with. The instrument and customer service are by far the best. Aeres process control software provides among the best control I’ve ever worked with. Learning to use the software was intuitive and straightforward. It was immediately easy to produce the desired deposition in a highly reproducible way.

Dr. Matthew White – University of Vermont

Go with Angstrom! It’s an easy choice. They have quality equipment, they have good people, and they have really great follow through; they won’t sell you a system and then forget about you. It’s a solid, good product, and great company to work with.

Dr. Trisha Andrew – UMass Amherst