Vacuum Oven

Prepare substrates before deposition with a connected vacuum oven.

Substrate ‘bakeout’ involves heating samples to get rid of absorbed moisture on the surface. This is particularly valuable in organic processes, where moisture is detrimental to device lifetime, efficiency, and overall performance.

Covap physical vapor deposition PVD platform with an open clamshell vacuum chamber
A technician working on the Covap physical vapor deposition pvd thermal evaporator

Inert gas circulation allows for an oxygen free environment during bakeout, preventing oxidation.

When oven is integrated with a cluster, a seamless flow of process can be established. From bakeout to plasma-clean, device fabrication, and even encapsulation without any human/manual input, or atmospheric contact.

Out of all the systems I have used, yours is by far the most reliable, consistent and easy to use.

Dr. Marc Baldo – MIT

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