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Covap physical vapor deposition PVD platform with an open clamshell vacuum chamber

  • Overview

  • Rectangular clam shell chamber for excellent accessibility
  • Materials and substrates can be loaded with ease even in a glovebox
  • Covap provides unobstructed access for removing shielding, cleaning, and preparing system for the next run
  • Ready for glove box integration
  • Compact 600mm x 1000mm system footprint
  • Choose from 2 or 4 source configurations
  • Recipe based advanced multi-layer control
  • Sequential or co-deposition
  • Fixturing supports up to 100mm x 100mm substrates
  • Full system training included
  • QCM sensors carefully isolated to ensure there is no interference from adjacent source material
  • High vacuum provided by turbo-molecular pump
  • 2-year warranty with the most responsive support team in the industry
A technician working on the Covap physical vapor deposition pvd thermal evaporator
Vacuum chamber of the covap physical vapor deposition pvd system, featuring 4 thermal resistive sources
  • Source Configurations

  • Substrate sizes up to 100 mm x 100 mm can be easily mounted
  • Chamber can accomodate either 2 or 4 thermal-resistive sources

Out of all the systems I have used, yours is by far the most reliable, consistent and easy to use.

Dr. Marc Baldo – MIT

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