Linear Sputter

This series of systems allows for high throughput production on large substrates, can be seamlessly integrated into larger clusters of production tools, and provides both impressive deposition rates and uniformity.

Electron Beam e-beam ebeam source, in a physical vapor deposition pvd vacuum chamber system
Electron Beam e-beam ebeam source, in a physical vapor deposition pvd vacuum chamber system
Electron Beam e-beam ebeam source, in a physical vapor deposition pvd vacuum chamber system

Create devices on very large substrates, stacking multiple layers in a single run with great uniformity.  Even though the targets are larger than usual, the material is very efficiently utilized.

The tool to bring your product to market

Electron Beam e-beam ebeam source, in a physical vapor deposition pvd vacuum chamber system

Gas Flow Management

The key parameter to be controlled in large area sputtering is gas flow management, which defines and controls the plasma dynamics from the sources, and therefore influences the deposition rate and uniformity. We configure our sputter targets to have gas rings which run around the target with perforations all around the cathode to optimize the control of the gas flow.

Magnetron Uniformity

A common concern for large area linear sputtering depositions is a relatively high degree of non-uniformity across the length and width of the substrate. Our team of engineers and scientists will help define the optimal source-to-substrate size ratio for your application. By getting this ratio right, the substrate is exposed to the most uniform section of the deposition stream to produce the best possible layer uniformity.

Raster Uniformity

As the substrate raster scans back and forth across the linear sputter sources, a constant velocity profile can result in poor uniformity on the substrate parallel to the direction of travel. This causes material to buildup on the outside edges of the substrate as it completes each pass and changes direction. At Angstrom Engineering, we have developed a proprietary velocity management algorithm to compensate for this difference, which greatly improves the deposition uniformity of the substrate compared to standard methods.

Temperature Control

To keep the target material cool/prevent overheating during deposition, the sources are water-cooled. A choice of directly cooled or indirectly cooled sources is available depending upon the target material.

System Configuration

For manufacture of complete devices, our linear sputter platforms can be fully integrated into a cluster system, including separate chambers for metals and organic deposition. Our fully integrated Aeres process control software controls the automation of the cluster system using a robotic material handler with efficient part scheduling (see video below for demonstration). The software controls the full process cycle from pump down to venting for multiple parts, multiple complex recipes, and multiple masking combinations. This allows for the most efficient and precise possible production for our partners.

Aeres Control Software

Each variable in the creation of devices deposited via in line sputtering is critical to their success. For this reason we have integrated the control of each step into Aeres, our advanced process control software. You decide the values of each variable, create and edit recipes, and then relax, knowing that each variable will be repeatedly and precisely executed.

Deposition Control 

Our proprietary Auto Tune PID detection algorithm automatically calculates and utilizes process control variables specific to the material, rate, pressure, and stability required for the given evaporation.

Variable Control 

Precisely repeatable rastering and temperature values between runs along with the ability to easily switch between automated and manual inputs for experimentation and recipe creation.


Fast pumpdowns, precise pressure measurement, and complete control over gas flow management. You input values into your recipes, and Aeres takes care of the logistics.

Data Control

Every step of device fabrication is recorded and a complete set of data logs is created for each run allowing for easy variable tracking.

The ease of Aeres:

create your recipe by entering each variable value.

Press start. Walk away.

We are exceptionally pleased with the two systems we bought from Angstrom and, based on our experience and what I hear from the community, we have made precisely the best decision.

Dr. Luke Brzozowski – University of Toronto

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