Electron Beam Evaporation Systems

Electron beam (e-beam) evaporation is a time-tested deposition technology for producing dense, high purity coatings. We have successfully created & delivered hundreds of reliable, automated e-beam deposition platforms to our partners over the course of our 30 years in business.

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We have the experience and expertise, and partner with you to accomplish your goals. We’ve worked with hundreds of researchers, industrialists, and innovators across every possible industry and application. We are confident that we are in the ideal position to partner with you towards dependable electron beam equipment.

  • What is Electron Beam Evaporation?

Electron Beam Evaporation (or e-beam evaporation) is a powerful physical vapor deposition process that allows the user to evaporate materials that are difficult or even impossible to process using standard resistive thermal evaporation. Some of these materials include high-temperature materials such as gold, used as an electrical contact in solar cell applications, or ceramics like silicon dioxide, for optical films, among many others.

  • How does e-beam deposition work?

Electron beam deposition uses a magnet to focus electrons to form a beam, which is then directed towards a crucible that contains the material of interest. The energy of the electron beam is transferred to the material, which causes it to start evaporating. Many metals, such as aluminum, will melt first and then start evaporating, while ceramics will sublimate. The material vapors then travel out of the crucible and coat the substrate.

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We are exceptionally pleased with the two systems we bought from Angstrom and, based on our experience and what I hear from the community, we have made precisely the best decision.

Dr. Luke Brzozowski – University of Toronto

  • Who is Angstrom Engineering?

Angstrom Engineering was founded in 1992 and has quickly grown into a thriving international company with an established reputation for providing high-quality machines and unparalleled customer service. Our PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), and CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) systems are created by our skilled and experienced engineering team. We are proud to manufacture the tools that allow a wide variety of researchers and development teams in world-class labs across the globe to create the future.

  • Why choose Angstrom Engineering?


From the time it was delivered, this laboratory system has performed nearly flawlessly, arguably extending our capabilities well beyond those currently attainable by any organic thin film laboratory in the world. I attribute the success of this entire system to the excellence of the engineering as well as the cooperative nature of the Angstrom team in taking our best designs and making them better during the system construction process.

Dr. Stephen Forrest – University of Michigan

The EvoVac design is terrific and the glovebox port is easy to work with.  Last year, it was used 2269 hours, averaging over 6 hours a day every day of the year.  It is the single most used piece of equipment at our facility, and essential to numerous research projects.  As such, it is critical that downtime is minimized.  The support Angstrom Engineering provides for service issues is exceptional, and unparalleled.  My job would be significantly easier if I received the customer support Angstrom offers for the other instruments in our facility.

Dr. Ina Martin – Case Western University

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