Indium Deposition for Bump Bond Interconnects

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Indium bump bonds are an established method to fabricate three-dimensional flip chip devices for use in novel sensor devices and other electronics. These devices are simply fabricated using Angstrom Engineering’s 'Indium Series' deposition systems that have been uniquely configured for high performance deposition of even the most challenging indium bump architectures.

Indium Bump Bonding

Creating high aspect ratio indium bumps requires a combination of high deposition rates and low substrate temperatures to balance the competing vertical and horizontal growth rates. Angstrom Engineering's systems have been designed to provide fine control of both of these variables to provide complete flexibility of the types of bumps you'd like to create. Paired with our proven automation and high-throughput capabilities, the 'Indium Series' becomes a workhorse evaporator for bump bond fabrication.

We create the indium bump tool ideal for the work you are doing

Clean, reliable, and repeatable in-situ ion milling

Automation and process software provides high-throughput repeatability

High rates and substrate cooling allow for small, high aspect ratio indium bumps

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From the time it was delivered, this laboratory system has performed nearly flawlessly, arguably extending our capabilities well beyond those currently attainable by any organic thin film laboratory in the world. I attribute the success of this entire system to the excellence of the engineering as well as the cooperative nature of the Angstrom team in taking our best designs and making them better during the system construction process.

Dr. Stephen Forrest - University of Michigan

The EvoVac design is terrific and the glovebox port is easy to work with.  Last year, it was used 2269 hours, averaging over 6 hours a day every day of the year.  It is the single most used piece of equipment at our facility, and essential to numerous research projects.  As such, it is critical that downtime is minimized.  The support Angstrom Engineering provides for service issues is exceptional, and unparalleled.  My job would be significantly easier if I received the customer support Angstrom offers for the other instruments in our facility.

Dr. Ina Martin - Case Western University