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We will work closely with you to develop features and capabilities specific to your needs. This customer centric approach ensures we stay innovative while providing you with a competitive advantage.


Each machine we design and build represents who we are. This fact drives us to ensure each system is created with the highest quality components and is engineered to perform.


Let us know what your thin film challenges are and we will use our experience and resources to help find the solution.

Feature Highlight

Roll to Roll 5


Our roll to roll web coating fixture offers our customers production technology at a research scale. Create thin films on flexible substrates using advanced web coating technology in your lab. Can be ordered with most Angstrom Engineering deposition systems. For more information contact us.

  • 2″ wide web coating fixture
  • Servo motor control provides tension and speed control
  • Idler rollers to maintain a set web position
  • Particulate and deposition shielding

  • Exposed film length is adjustable
  • Films can be run in both directions for sequential processing
  • Single flange mount provides opportunity for retrofitting into existing equipment

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IR Optics Batch Coater

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Graphene/CNT Deposition System

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