Customer Focused

We will work closely with you to develop features and capabilities specific to your needs. This customer centric approach ensures we stay innovative while providing you with a competitive advantage.


Each machine we design and build represents who we are. This fact drives us to ensure each system is created with the highest quality components and is engineered to perform.


Let us know what your thin film challenges are and we will use our experience and resources to help find the solution.


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Nebula Cluster System

A connected cluster of vacuum chambers that allow for a large number of samples to all run independent processes, simultaneously.  Any process type and process enhancement technique are available, making Nebula the most robust and flexible addition to your lab.



Your deposition system requires material to deposit.  We keep a custom inventory of the materials you frequently use, and can quickly get the other materials you need as well.  Pellets, targets, powders, we carry everything you need, and get it to you fast, in one simple order.



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