Variable Angle Stages

With a variable angle stage you can get creative with your depositions, considering how your materials will behave in the third dimension.  These stages allow you to control the shape and properties of complex nanostructures, and conformally coat 3D features for imaging.  With -95° to 95° tilt, continuous rotation, and precise control via our Aeres integrated software, this is a tool that can perform, and bring your innovation forward. Angstrom Engineering has had a very successful track record in working with all kinds of deposition systems that are enhanced with the use of variable angle stages.

A variable angle stage, sometimes known as glancing angle deposition stage, or GLAD, in a physical vapor deposition pvd thin film vacuum system.

We have successfully deployed the technology in small standalone chambers, in massive multi-stage systems, and even with in-situ automated transfer capabilities. Our partners pioneered this technology, and we are proud to help them continue to create innovative new applications using this novel process enhancement.

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